MCH-12VDCPS - malcom 12 volt DC power supply

MCH-12VDCPS- 12V Lithium Ion Battery Power Supply

The Malcom MCH-12VDCPS is designed as an independent 12 volt battery system completely separate from a boats 12 volt house battery bank. If the house 12V battery bank is lost, turn the master switch on the MCH-12VDCPS backup system to power up all NEMA 2000 electronics including autopilot, radar, chart plotter, GPS, wind, depth and speed instruments.   The built in switch gear in the system completely separates the MCH-12VDCPS backup system from the house 12V battery bank. Gives you time to get your house bank back up while continuing to navigate safely.

Field testing has shown that the fully charged MCH-12VDCPS power supply will run Raymarine NEMA 2000 electronics for over three hours, including the MFD, GPS, autopilot system and radar. Change out the battery with a fully charged one for additional run time.

 Battery Specifications:

The battery included in the Power Supply is a Bren-Tronics BB-2590 Lithium Ion smart battery, capacity 19.2Ah, nominal voltage 14.4V, maximum Voltage 16.5V, weight 3.1 lbs., 10A Max Continuous discharge, internal overheating protection, internal low voltage protection, state of charge LCD indicator (gas gauge). 


Develop a light weight Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system independent of a yachts house 12V battery bank that can be used to power up NEMA 2000 navigation instruments such as GPS, chart plotter, i-Pad, i-Phone, Laptop, autopilot, radar, wind, speed and depth on a short-term basis (up to 4 hours).


1)    Shorthanded sailors, especially the single-handed sailors, rely heavily on their autopilots to steer their yachts freeing them up to navigate and perform other tasks while underway.  If the house bank was to fail, having a battery back up system to provide power to the autopilot and other instruments would be helpful allowing the sailor time to safely get the house system operational while staying their course.

2)    Club racers, especially on smaller boats without auxiliary power, often times do not have house battery banks on board to provide power to navigational instruments, lap tops and i-Pads.  Rather than using a heavy “Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery” having a small lightweight Lithium Ion battery would offer many benefits not only in weight savings but also in ease of handling and recharging at home.  Standard NEMA 2000 wind, depth and speed instruments could be powered up by such a system allowing the navigation software loaded on laptops, i-Pads, or tablets to receive the instrument data needed for proper race navigation.


Malcom has developed and prototyped a light weight battery system called the MCH-12VDCPS to achieve this objective and meet these needs.   In addition, Malcom has sourced battery accessories that Malcom will be offering as part of their new product line.

Able to provide power to a wide range of 12V DC devices.

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